With over 30 years' experience in the electronic sector, Tecnos G.A. has contributed with innovative ideas to writing the history of machine automation in many industrial sectors, designing the first microprocessor applications as far back as the early '80s.

Why, choose Tecnos G.A. as partner? What advantages can you derive from it?
  • RELIABILITY of both hardware (less than 0.5% returns) and software.
  • UPDATE: State-of-the-art products continually kept up to date.
  • LOW COST to equip machines with Tecnos G.A. products obtaining a powerful and flexible machine, yet at the right price.
  • SUPPORT: Tecnos G.A. has said yes to personal contact, yes to the expertise of a specialist who knows how to give concrete answers to any problem.
  • PRODUCT FLEXIBILITY, obtained by implementing LAN and WAN, field bus, targeted hardware and software, encapsulating the experience of years of work in the field.
  • TRAINING of machine manufacturers' technicians so that, if they so desire, they may work independently in the installation and development of automation of their machines.
  • KNOW-HOW: both electronic (hardware and software) and technological for the specific types of processing. For the machine manufacturer this means having a partner who can suggest innovative and performance solutions.
  • APPLICATION TRANSFERABILITY: from the most economical to the most powerful controls, product continuity is always maintained allowing the manufacturer huge savings in technical investments.
Apart from the woodworking sector Tecnos G.A. today operates in many other sectors, continuing to design products based on the needs of both manufacturers and users. More precisely:
  • Sheet metal working: hot-rolling, pressure bending, punching/nibbling, laser, plasma and oxygen cutting, water-jet
  • Marble working (cropping/milling and polishing) and ceramic material working. In the latter sector thousands of machines have been manufactured for polychrome screen-printing of floor and wall tiles placed on a moving belt, setting a new milestone for the sector.
  • Textile machines: with yarn management at controlled speed up to 500 m/min.
  • Flat glass cutting: single or layered with the sheet locked or placed on a moving belt.
  • Special machines: in both the world of iron and other sectors (cross tables, lock assembly lines, etc.).
And many other solutions developed ad hoc.
Tecnos G.A. is your technological partner.

Tecnos G.A:

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