The Plasma Project

Our history starts in 1994 with some small italian customers like
- OPCM cutting table
- CRM punching and cutting combined
- WHITNEY punching and cutting combined and is going on with these
- PROMOTEC (I) plasma, oxy, laser c...

Multifuction Punch System Board

From the long experience of the punch products , the new project want give a solution that binds performance and flexibility. The digital electronic use with a high elaboration speed allow to have good performance and to realize different cycles of job with the costumer requirements. The TSP will be...

Electrovalves control board to Punching machine

The electrovalves control is a device to be install on din bar hook. It has all necessary resource to precision working in the punching machines that use a potentiometer as position transducer. The board can management 2 electrovalve for current till 2A with rapid switch-off. The communication wit...

Others applications

Tecnos G.A. has set itself the goal of conquering new market segments. Our know-how and resources in PC application software vouch for our capability to develop machine management software based on Windows and other operating systems and also to tackle problems and applications outside this sector.

These are only a few application examples:

Registered in 2002 in the role of qualified research laboratories authorised by MIUR (Ministry of Education for Universities and Research), Tecnos G.A. has participated in several projects, such as the study, design and implementation of an innovative electric drive for brushless motors with sensorless techniques for electrical traction applications in motor vehicles for city transport services at zero emission.

In the nautical sector a navigation support and onboard service control system was designed. The onboard sensors and instruments are connected to data acquisition modules and from here via CAN Open network to a panel with touch-screen. The panel can communicate with a home PC or a laptop so that the owner can check the boat status via cameras as well.

Finally, a weight measuring device which measures the pressure required to lift the weight, using the signals sent by a hydraulic pressure sensor.